Where to find a HGV class 2 job?

In order to attend any of our LGV Category C courses known as HGV Class 2 courses too, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a full Category B license.

What HGV Class 2?

The LGV Category C license was formerly commonly known as HGV recruitment which can be gained through free hgv training. The LGV Category C license will allow drivers who pass the Category C driving test to drive any rigid Category C vehicle up to 32 tons. Once you successfully pass your LGV Cat C test, you will obtain Category C on your license as well as Category C1.

The latest statistics suggest that there are at least 30,000 lead-ins for lorry drivers across the country. This involves HGV class 1as well as HGV class 2 drivers across multiple trades.

Online Job Portals:

The HGV class 2 jobs are available, and anyone having class 2 licenses can do these jobs, but some of the forms have different demands to hire a person for HGV 2 jobs. Some agencies require experience of a year or two. Online job portals are the best way to look for HGV class 2 jobs.

Check Newspaper:

Some of the companies also advertise in the newspaper so also check the jobs section of the paper for HGV class 2 jobs and if you stand on the requirements as mentioned in the ad then apply for the vacancy.

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